First Weeks on Campus! (2/24/09)

Published by Bean under on 2:41 PM

After 5 months, my team is finally all on one campus! It has been so excited to be all together and has brought our team unity beyond what we could imagine. We have been really working on getting our name out on campus and reaching out to the freshmen. We set up a table near the biggest cafeteria on campus to let students know who we are. We also had a pizza party at the end of the first week and saw 150 students come to participate! It was awesome to look into the crowd and see some of our old friends from last semester, freshmen we met from the table, and Christians who were looking to help us in any way they could. This is the community that we are trying to foster on Matias. In that moment I saw just a glimpse of the things that God can continue to grow in the years to come!


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